June Meeting Notes

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Friday, June 28, 2013
I  Review Spring Events
Walk on the Wildside (Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge) this year was not as busy as in previous years, but our volunteers still found it a worthwhile event to attend.  Approximately 150 people stopped by and 80 kids participated in crafts at our table. A few people filled-out speaker requests forms, which John Brewer will follow-up.

Day on theFarm (Soilborn Farms) was a more relaxed event this year than previous. Two volunteers per shift were sufficient to talk to everyone who came by. We had a good location near the entrance to the event.

We premiered the new improved spinner at these events -- see item IX below.

II Two new websites for volunteers
Heifer |Volunteers  is a new site for Heifer volunteers.  Per Jill, “the purpose of the website is to streamline access to information for Heifer volunteers into one place, as well as provide an electronic platform for collecting information on the work that our community volunteers are doing…  In the future, this website will merge with Heifer's main database, and will become the main vehicle by which Heifer tracks the information and activities of our most valued and active community volunteers.”  When Jill visits us next, we’ll take up this topic; meanwhile, it’s worth a visit to look around.

Our group isfeatured there on Heifer's When Cows Fly. From a recent introductory email: “Have you checked out When Cows Fly yet? It’s an online portal where Heifer donors, volunteers and participants from around the world can share their stories. Like this fiber artist, who is using her talents to benefit others. Or Sarah Sow, who donated a gift to Heifer in honor of her mother, as well as her good friend Polly Pig’s mother. (You are curious about their names, aren’t you? Click through and find out!) Heifer Sacramento shared info about a Fun Raiser fundraiser they are holding, and a California church’s Bike-a-Thon. You can share your story, too."

III  State & Federal Employees’ Charitable Campaigns
We wondered whether our efforts on the campaigns last fall paid off in increased pledges to Heifer. At this point, we aren't sure yet. We don’t have the data corresponding to that time period. However, the group consensus was to participate again this year starting with the kickoff events and then as requests come in, we'll refer to last year's note to decide which to attend.

Kickoff events for the state and federal campaigns have been scheduled. Cheryl has requested that our group be put on the invitees list for the state kick off. California State Employees Charitable Campaign Kick-Off Event, August 21, 2013, 11 – 1, on the West Steps, State Capitol.

IV  Heifer Project Visit to Ecuador: Expectations? Requests?
Those going on the week-long project visit in Ecuador will be taking photos and composing daily logs. On return these will be combined into presentations. Discussion suggested centering presentations around themes that the participants observe on their visit. We had a brief discussion on what those not going on the trip might want to learn. Questions: What do participants want to know about donors? What were the mechanics of establishing the various projects? Of course many more questions – and answers – will develop.

V  Future Collaborations on Fundraisers
This past spring we tried developing a fundraiser with the assistance of student event planners. Reasons for discontinuing the planning effort were discussed in previous meetings. Susan Rumberg confirmed that the relationship with the Sac State faculty contact remains good and both parties are open to working together in the future. Susan R. sees that it is important to document the lessons learned from the experience and will prepare guidelines to benefit future collaboration efforts over the summer.

VI    Team Heifer Sacramento Total Update
The fortunes of our group's fundraising effort, tallied at Team Heifer, have taken an upward turn.

Team Leader
This includes an anonymous $1,000 donation with a match for Heifer Ecuador. Thank you to the anonymous benefactor!!!
Teresa Fung       
This reflects a matching gift and goes to Heifer Honduras.
Nifty Knitters      
Fantastic needle work!
This goes to show what a talent show can accomplish!
Grand Total

Huge thanks to the many contributors who've helped us reach nearly the halfway mark to our goal of $10,000.

Volunteers, be sure to reach out and again thank those friends and neighbors who have donated.

VII  Wild & Scenic Film Festival Entry
Laurie Heller is working to enter Heifer’s film Twelve Stones into the 2014 Wild & Scenic Film Festival held in Nevada City organized by the South Yuba River Citizens League. The 2014 festival is scheduled for Jan 10 – 12. Great idea, Laurie! We hope the effort succeeds.

VIII  Taking Heifer to the Classroom
Discussion took place on the fit between Heifer themes and the Waldorf curriculum. John Brewer has a contact with the Waldorf system that he may pursue.  The group also discussed a brochure used in the past for elementary classroom visits. There was consensus to produce a new edition; John and Susan Sundell will prepare copy and Cheryl will update the design. The group will check the list of Heifer materials to see if such a new version already exists.

IX  Other Items
Volunteer hours via Google docs – Our time reporting system seems to be working well. John notes that a lead volunteer for any given event can input hours for everyone who participated.

Nicholas Kristoff, author of Half the Sky, which included a large section on Heifer’s work in Africa, will be speaking at the Mondavi on Jan 13, 2014.

New Spinner – The new lighter portable spinner is great and easy to transport! Cheryl prepared graphics for each slot with numbers 1 thru 12, the cornerstones, and twelve Heifer project animals. These graphics should make the spinner easy to use and applicable in most circumstances. The graphics can be changed, as needed. Big thanks to Jill for underwriting it!

Susan Rumberg brought a box of Heifer swag, which was intended for Casino Night to add to the group's supply.
Susan Sundell is looking for two missing items. If anyone knows their whereabouts, please let her know:
Ø  The Heifer vinyl banner, last seen at a Charitable Campaign event last fall
Ø  The kindergarten GERK kit
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