October Volunteer Meeting Notes

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Wednesday, October 17, 2012

l.  Partnering with CSUS students for event planning and fundraising
Professor Beth Erickson from CSU Sacramento explained her program in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration and helped our group explore ways we might partner with her students. Each semester 40 students in her senior class are required to plan and implement a big event. In the past they have done everything from golf tournaments to wilderness film festivals. The students work in pairs to organize an event guided by advice from Beth. The student pairs are responsible for the planning and all of the “foot work” involved …i.e. contacting vendors, providing publicity, writing sponsorship letters for donations, etc. Our obligation to the students would be our availability on a weekly basis for guidance. The events are usually planned for November during the fall semester and in late March and early April for the spring semester. We will discuss the possibility of partnering with a pair of students for a Heifer event in the spring at the next volunteer meeting. We need to let Beth know of our interest by January 2013.

ll. Charitable Campaign tabling and speaking events
So far our volunteer group has met all Calif State Employees Charitable Campaign AND Combined Federal Campaing  requests for tabling and speaking events. We have had a busy September and October with a total of 19 events (not counting some that might have occurred in Chico).

Jill Kilty-Newburn will be tracking the contributions made to Heifer through the state and federal charitable giving campaigns we have been supporting this fall with our presence. We are hoping for information about the impact of our efforts.

lll. Donor reports and outreach
We will look at the list of churches sent out by Jill Kilty-Newburn and decide on a game plan for outreach at the next volunteer meeting. Judy will ask Jill to send us phone numbers and addresses for the churches on the list. We may send our volunteer postcard with a note, along with attempting to make personal contact.

lV. Team Heifer
The Team Heifer site is being revamped at headquarters. There has been confusion over the team pages and individual pages but the site does correctly show $1,216 credited to our volunteer group.  Checks to Heifer collected by our group should be mailed to Jill Kilty-Newburn. She will make sure the donations are credited to us.

To access the Team Heifer website for our group, follow this path:
Go to heifer.org  >  GIVE tab  >  Team Heifer (in dropdown menu)  >  Team Heifer Search (in left-hand column) > Enter “Sacramento” in the search field  >  Click on “Sacramento Heifer Volunteers” in the TEAM results

Cheryl is experimenting with donating via Visa directly on the Team Heifer site; results will be reported next meeting.

V.  Conversation with a donor: “I’d like some news about my goat…
What do you say to someone who wants this kind of information?

• The donation to Heifer is a symbolic donation that supports the entire mission of Heifer International …including all of the training that the families will receive.

• It can take many months before the training is completed and goats are placed with families.

• To receive news about a donated goat would be logistically very difficult and would add another layer of expensive administrative costs. That money might be better spent providing animals and training for families.

• The goat that has been donated will be a pregnant goat that may give birth to a female kid that can be passed on to another needy family in the community. Your gift will multiply with the passing on of goats and ripple out into the community to help many families.

• The pool of money needed for goats may be already met…but other animals may be desperately needed by the project partners. And so your donation may go to help those families.

Vl. Other Items
  1. Record your volunteer hours for September on Google docs.
  2. Midtown Kiwanis presentation on November 2 -- John Brewer and Linda Eisenman will work together on this early morning event.
  3. Teresa Fung received a donation of 27 ceramic boxes from ceramicist, Jeff Drullard. We are considering using them for tabling events, living gift markets, silent auctions etc. Judy Grimshaw will send Mr. Dullard a thank you note.
Vll. Next meeting
Monday, November 5, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm.
We will discuss partnering with a pair of students for a Heifer event in the spring (see item 1 above).
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