2012 Heifer Foundation Golden Talent Award

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The Heifer Foundation recognizes annually an individual or family project recipient that has taken “a minimum of resources and converted it into a sustaining source of income and other resources, while also helping other families and the community at large” through it's Golden Talent Award.

What is the Heifer Foundation? The Heifer Foundation was founded in 1991 to develop and manage an endowment to support the work of Heifer International. It is a separate non-profit charitable organization assisting donors with various planned giving instruments that meet their needs.  
While the details of how the Golden Talent Award came to be are lost in history, it is purported to have begun as an award developed by Heifer International’s Asia/South Pacific team for their programs in the early 1990’s.  The award was so well received that that team recommended expanding it to encompass all of Heifer’s international programs, which the Heifer Foundation did.
As operated currently, staff from each country program nominates an individual or family to the Area Program Team at Heifer International Headquarters for consideration. A selection committee consisting of dedicated Heifer volunteers from around the U.S. lead by Steve Denne, COO/EVP of Programs, selects 15 winners to receive special recognition of their excellence in sustainability. One winner is selected per country each year.
The winner receives a cash award of US$1,000 provided by Heifer Foundation.  Out of the total award, US$800 goes to the project community and $200 is designated as a cash gift or in-kind gift to the family or individual.
One of our very own Heifer Sacramento volunteer participated on the 2012 selection committee. Laurie Heller has been volunteering with Heifer Sacramento for 2 years.  Laurie said enjoyed the experience working with the selection committee and remarked that ‘The nominees were all amazing people!’
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Double your Impact on Hunger and Poverty

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A group of generous donors is offering to match your gift to Heifer International – up to a total of $438,000! Make a gift today and you can help Heifer reach twice as many people with the tools and trainings they need to build a better future and lift themselves out of poverty. This holiday season, partner with a group of generous donors to help ignite change in the lives of millions who are poised to come out of poverty.
With your help today, twice as many malnourished children will have milk to drink. Twice as many anxious parents will be able to pay for school fees. And twice as many impoverished families will be able to move closer to self-reliance!
Plus, because each family who receives Heifer livestock agrees to Pass on the Gift of offspring to help another family in need, the impact of your gift today will continue to multiply even for generations to come.

Make a gift today!
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International Volunteer Day 2012

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International Volunteer Day 2012 was two days ago (December 5th), but every day is a great day to celebrate the committment and hope for a better world that every act of volunteering represents.

Heifer International's blog post on this event featured thoughts from Heifer Sacramento's very own Suzanne Awalt on her experience as a Heifer community volunteer. Go Suzanne!
Coincidentally, the Heifer Sacramento group of volunteers gathered together on December 5th to share a meal and celebrate a great year of learning, collaboration, and committment to improve lives, empower communities, and care for the earth. We did indeed celebrate volunteerism on that day, even if it was just a coincidence!

Cheers to all our fellow Heifer volunteers around the country and to everyone who gives their time and energy to make the world a better place! Keep up with all the good work!

If you're interested in volunteering for Heifer International and are in the Sacramento area, drop us a line. We have a great group of volunteers and are making plans to do more to support Heifer International next year.
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Just One Week to Giving Tuesday

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Giving Tuesday is one week from today! Heifer International along with hundreds of non-profits are partners to launch a day of giving set for the Tuesday after Black Friday. Alternative gifting is nothing new to Heifer International. We've been encouraging gifting to help end hunger as an alternative way to celebrate for years. For some more inspiration to give this year, consider this Heifergraphic on giving.

A Unique Calculator

Say you are still buying a few gifts and not sure what you can give on Giving Tuesday? We have an app for that. Okay, it's not a real app, but we do have a nifty calculator for you. Plug in how much you saved on those Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday gifts and the calculator will show you suggested gifts from Heifer's catalog.

Heifer's Black Friday Savings into Gifts Calculator

Give on Giving Tuesday

Give to finish your gift list! Give to honor your family and friends! Give to help others in need!
Let your family and friends know that you would like to receive an alternative gift this year on Giving Tuesday!
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November Meeting Notes

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We brainstormed what events would be best one to enlist the help of a couple of Sac State Event Planning students. The event would take place next spring, at the end of the students' spring semester. Frank Losco, former communications expert with the state, contributed good insights to the discussion. John Brewer sent a followup email to the Sac State instructor, Beth Erickson, indicating our interest, and asking for next steps. Ideas included:

·       Hiking event – This is much like a fun run, where participants get sponsorships for completing some or a whole hike.

·       Walk/Run event on the American River Parkway – Possibly join an existing walk/run event and create a group of the participants dedicated to donating to Heifer.

·       Beggars Banquet – This would be similar to our Food Table activity, which helps people experience the disparities that exist worldwide between the fed and the hungry.

·       Pig Roast – This can be an element combined with any one of the three event ideas above.

·       Yogathon – This event would offer different styles of yoga instruction every hour for a set duration. Participants would get sponsorships to complete a set number of hours of yoga.

·      Evening of Drumming – Musically talented friends of Heifer would offer an evening of drumming with proceeds going to Heifer. A local coffeehouse has offered free space in exchange for purchased of food and drink for Heifer events.  
We attended 22 charitable campaign events including the kickoffs for Sac County Employess and Calif State Employees Charitable Campaign and the federal workers’ Combined Federal Campaign. Some were tiny; some were huge. We will look forward hopefully to tracking results.  The gracious folks at Calif Department of Managed Health Care sent a contribution check through the mail to Jill Kilty-Newburn.

John Brewer and Linda Eisenmann presented at a Kiwanis meeting and remarked on the alignment in goals between Kiwanis and Heifer.
Judy Grimshaw, Suzanne Awalt, and Pat Sayer-Handley did the complete worship service and Sunday School at Fair Oaks United Methodist Church, an enthusiastic and warm group of folks.

JoAnn Peter and Sue Bennett assisted with the annual Alternative Gift Fair at Carmichael Presbyterian Church; reported $1200 in contributions plus $200 additional via sales of Nifty Knitter items.

Susan Rumberg presented a complete wrap-up of the results of tabling at the Davis Farmers Market seven times between February and October of this year. The stated goal of this trial was to generate speaker requests for our group. After expending a total of 95 hours of volunteer time for the seven months, the tabling generated one request that was carried to fruition. The Davis Farmer’s Market is one of few markets in the region that permit tabling and allow organizations to staff their own tables. Susan found that the majority of visitors who stopped at the table were already familiar with Heifer. Considering the investment of time and energy, Susan recommended, and the group agreed, that we do not continue tabling at the Davis Farmer’s Market in 2013.

Alternative Gift Fairs are on the horizon for November at Davis Community Church (Sue Bennett) and Spiritual Life Center (Judy and Pat).

Pat Sayer-Handley needs a couple of helpers for a booth and sale of materials at an Alternative Gift Fair on December 2 at Sac City College Cafe at 11 am to 1 PM. The theme: Learn about gifts that don't hurt the environment. We will be there with Heifer Information and Nifty Knitters.

With the holiday market season well underway, Teresa Fung shares information about some ceramic boxes donated by a local artist for use to generate donations to Heifer.
A local artist, Jeff Drullard, donated ceramic boxes he made for use to generate donations for Heifer. The 25 ceramic boxes are all about the same size, but all look different. They are simply made and earthy looking, artful, and clever. Sue Bennette and Jo Ann Peter took some to an alternative market and came up with some ideas of what they might be used for (fireplace matches, nick nacks). They sold one for $10, which is our suggested starting price. Please feel free to share other potential uses for the boxes. The inside dimensions are about the size of a recipe box.
I still have a total of 18 boxes available (Jo Ann/Sue have 4). If you are planning to attend a holiday craft fair or any other opportunity to generate some funds for Heifer and can use the boxes, please contact me. Thanks!!
Instead than sending just a thank you note to these sustained donor churches, the group decided to order and send the World booklet, a new Heifer publication as a thank you, along with a thank-you certificate. This will to be done in January. John Brewer will draft a letter.

Suzanne Awalt reported on the progress in bringing a Heifer Study Tour into reality for our volunteers in the West.  Jill Kilty-Newburn, Heifer's Area Engagement Manager based at Hidden Villa in Los Altos Hills, CA, has been advocating for us with Heifer's headquarters staff.  We have good news to report.  Here is the recent email from Jill.

We propose a trip to Ecuador in late August/early September of 2013. (I am pushing for August, as I assume this makes it easier for some folks to travel. Let me know if this is not so true with our interested folks. This is also the end of the dry season, so getting there before the heavy rainy season would be good.) This would be for a group of 9 people, and I would be the trip leader. Deposits to reserve a space will not be required until after the first of the year; information on itinerary, costs, travel arrangements etc. would all need to come first, of course. I wish I could make a statement about costs, but I just don't have that much information yet. As I took a quick look at flights, on Expedia, costs for flights from Sacramento through Miami were just over $1,000.
So, you see, we are moving forward.  Hopefully, there is some flexibility on the size of the group, but it will be small in number.  We do not know an exact maximum yet.

One of us wondered whether we can credit Christmas gift donations to our Team Heifer account. This looks promising, if the recently-promised upgrades work out.

Meanwhile, The Team Heifer section of heifer.org reads as follows:
New Team Heifer is coming soon!
We have listened to your requests for better functionality, and are excited to announce that in mid-November, we will debut a new, improved Team Heifer experience.
In the meantime, the ability to start or join teams, or make donations has been paused. Your continued patience is appreciated as we complete the new Team Heifer. We think it will be worth the wait!
Suzanne Awalt met with longtime Heifer volunteer Emily Shiflett, who is now a student at UC Davis and is enthusiastically looking for ways to bring knowledge of and support for Heifer to her fellow students. Suzanne assured her of the group’s support as she decides what tack to take.
According to Susan Sundell, the 2011 Annual Report is not available yet.  She will call headquarters later this month to see if it is completed.
According to Jill, Holiday Issue of the World Ark is now available. There are great articles on Bangladesh and Malawi. And of course, the Holiday Gift catalogue is in the middle. This is a great issue to share with friends, family, your doctor’s office, local library and more.
World Food Day 2012 (October 16) – It’s theme: Ag cooperatives leading the way to feed the world.

Monday, January 7, 2013
No meeting in December
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Chance For All - a new project in Romania

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Heifer Romania launched a new project, Chance for All, in the southernmost region of the country, Zimnicea, on October 18, 2012. This project follows Heifer's new model to help more resource poor farming communities beyond subsistence to achieve sustatinability through partnering with governments, the private sector, multilaterals and foundations.

The $2,464,300 , or 1.9 million Euro, program was developed in collaboration with Heifer International, Heifer Romania, Bóthar Ireland and Danone Romania, with strong financial support from the Danone Ecosysteme investment fund.

The project aims to encourage small producers to work together to have long-term profitable businesses based on the production of high-quality milk. This initiative has a major training component, whereby farmers will participate in specialized courses on health, nutrition, and cattle reproduction and milking. This knowledge will enable them to obtain milk that is of European Union-quality standard.

In the first two years, more than 200 heifers will be distributed to 200 farm families. By the end of the four year project, a total of 800 families will have benefited from the gift of heifers.

Read more about this story here.
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October Volunteer Meeting Notes

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l.  Partnering with CSUS students for event planning and fundraising
Professor Beth Erickson from CSU Sacramento explained her program in Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration and helped our group explore ways we might partner with her students. Each semester 40 students in her senior class are required to plan and implement a big event. In the past they have done everything from golf tournaments to wilderness film festivals. The students work in pairs to organize an event guided by advice from Beth. The student pairs are responsible for the planning and all of the “foot work” involved …i.e. contacting vendors, providing publicity, writing sponsorship letters for donations, etc. Our obligation to the students would be our availability on a weekly basis for guidance. The events are usually planned for November during the fall semester and in late March and early April for the spring semester. We will discuss the possibility of partnering with a pair of students for a Heifer event in the spring at the next volunteer meeting. We need to let Beth know of our interest by January 2013.

ll. Charitable Campaign tabling and speaking events
So far our volunteer group has met all Calif State Employees Charitable Campaign AND Combined Federal Campaing  requests for tabling and speaking events. We have had a busy September and October with a total of 19 events (not counting some that might have occurred in Chico).

Jill Kilty-Newburn will be tracking the contributions made to Heifer through the state and federal charitable giving campaigns we have been supporting this fall with our presence. We are hoping for information about the impact of our efforts.

lll. Donor reports and outreach
We will look at the list of churches sent out by Jill Kilty-Newburn and decide on a game plan for outreach at the next volunteer meeting. Judy will ask Jill to send us phone numbers and addresses for the churches on the list. We may send our volunteer postcard with a note, along with attempting to make personal contact.

lV. Team Heifer
The Team Heifer site is being revamped at headquarters. There has been confusion over the team pages and individual pages but the site does correctly show $1,216 credited to our volunteer group.  Checks to Heifer collected by our group should be mailed to Jill Kilty-Newburn. She will make sure the donations are credited to us.

To access the Team Heifer website for our group, follow this path:
Go to heifer.org  >  GIVE tab  >  Team Heifer (in dropdown menu)  >  Team Heifer Search (in left-hand column) > Enter “Sacramento” in the search field  >  Click on “Sacramento Heifer Volunteers” in the TEAM results

Cheryl is experimenting with donating via Visa directly on the Team Heifer site; results will be reported next meeting.

V.  Conversation with a donor: “I’d like some news about my goat…
What do you say to someone who wants this kind of information?

• The donation to Heifer is a symbolic donation that supports the entire mission of Heifer International …including all of the training that the families will receive.

• It can take many months before the training is completed and goats are placed with families.

• To receive news about a donated goat would be logistically very difficult and would add another layer of expensive administrative costs. That money might be better spent providing animals and training for families.

• The goat that has been donated will be a pregnant goat that may give birth to a female kid that can be passed on to another needy family in the community. Your gift will multiply with the passing on of goats and ripple out into the community to help many families.

• The pool of money needed for goats may be already met…but other animals may be desperately needed by the project partners. And so your donation may go to help those families.

Vl. Other Items
  1. Record your volunteer hours for September on Google docs.
  2. Midtown Kiwanis presentation on November 2 -- John Brewer and Linda Eisenman will work together on this early morning event.
  3. Teresa Fung received a donation of 27 ceramic boxes from ceramicist, Jeff Drullard. We are considering using them for tabling events, living gift markets, silent auctions etc. Judy Grimshaw will send Mr. Dullard a thank you note.
Vll. Next meeting
Monday, November 5, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm.
We will discuss partnering with a pair of students for a Heifer event in the spring (see item 1 above).
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Women's Empowerment is Key to Turning Oppression into Opportunity

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Did you know that women are the backbone of agriculture and the key driver of food production around the world?

Here are a handful of facts to illustrate this:
  • Worldwide, 36 percent of the world’s farmers are women—compared with 34 percent for men.
  • In developing regions, the figure is much higher. In Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, 60 to 70 percent of farmers are women.
  • There are 650 million smallholder farmers in the world, and 50 to 80 percent of them are women!
  • They grow 70 percent of the food that is eaten every day and have the potential to feed the world.
Despite these impressive numbers, women still face significant disparity in the resources and support they can access, including land, credit and education.

This is unacceptable to Heifer.

Gender equity is a basic human right and an important component of international development work. By gender equity, I mean that women and men, girls and boys are valued equally and enjoy the same opportunities to achieve their full potential. When gender equity is present, there is accountability, efficiency and sustainability. At Heifer, we know what women can accomplish, and we recognize the value of empowering them. We ensure that gender equity is present in all of our projects – it’s one of our 12 Cornerstones.

For Heifer International, development is not just about offering the opportunity of a livelihood and access to basic social services; it is about creating an environment where people can realize their rights, achieve self-reliance and participate meaningfully in society.

Heifer International supports the Half the Sky Movement, which is putting an end to the oppression of women and girls worldwide. We encourage you to watch Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a series on PBS October 1 and 2 (9pm Eastern) and join in our shared pledge to helping women and girls succeed so they can achieve their dreams of hope, happiness, opportunity and prosperity.

Read more about women's empowerment from Heifer's CEO and guest blogger Susan Saradon.
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Sacramento Heifer Volunteers Hopping with Charitable Campaign Events

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Sacramento Heifer Volunteers have been busy reaching out and sharing Heifer’s story with Sacramento County, California State, and federal employees at employee charitable campaign events around the Sacramento region. Each year public employees can choose to make donations to an approved list of charitable organizations through payroll deduction. The annual campaign events offer a chance for employees to learn about organizations that align with their values and for charitable organizations reach out to a new audience.

Since late August, the Sacramento Heifer Volunteers have tabled or presented at the following events:
·         California State Employee Charitable Campaign Kickoff
·         Sacramento County Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Employee Charitable Campaign
·         Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Non-profit Agency Fair
·         California Department of Public Health Employee Charitable Campaign
·         U.S. Postal Service Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff
·         California Health & Human Services Agency Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California State Office of Systems Integration Employee Charitable Campaign
Anjoli Armstrong at the SMUD Agency Fair
Marianne Ternes with Volunteers Pat Sayer-Handley and Judy Grimshaw at the CA Dept. of Public Health
Will Lighthorn with Volunteer Cheryl McKinney at the CA Dept. of Health & Human Services
We’re grateful for the invitations we’ve received thus far to campaign events and excited to share Heifer’s story to so many.

There’s more to this campaign season. Below are upcoming events where we will be doing outreach during the first two weeks of October.
·         U.S. Department of Agriculture Statistical Service Combined Federal Campaign
·         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Combined Federal Campaign
·         California Department of Managed Health Care Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of General Services Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Food & Agriculture Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Child Support Services Employee Charitable Campaign
Please consider inviting Heifer Sacramento Volunteers to your office or department charitable campaign event. Send us an email and we’ll coordinate with you on the details.

We also conduct outreach year round. So we would be happy to staff a table or present to school groups, congregations, and interested groups of any size.
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September 10 Volunteer Meeting Notes

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l.  Upcoming Events

California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) and Federal Combined Campaign (CFC)

To volunteer for charitable campaign events or check for new requests, go to Heifer’s Google docs. As of September most dates were staffed but because new opportunities keep coming in, please continue  checking for new posts.

Jill Kilty-Newburn suggested that we keep it simple by providing brochures with contact information, World Arks and one or two annual reports for reference material.  We were also asked to make available brochures and other items from Jim Hill, local representative for Global Impact. Global Impact is the charitable federation umbrella group for international health and welfare agencies participating in employee fund-raising campaigns; Heifer is among its non-profits.

A photo and a short write up about your event can be e-mailed to Teresa Fung for posting on our blog.

Susan Sundell will be out of town from October 5th -14th. If you need materials contact her before then. As a back up, Judy Grimshaw will have a key to the materials garage. Call on her if you need something, while Susan is gone.
ll. Team Heifer section of heifer.org

Jill reported that the Team Heifer site is being revamped and she will have more information in the near future. Since that site is not yet functioning, it was suggested that we keep track of our progress toward meeting our goal of raising $10,000 this year on our own Heifer blog.

Jill will be tracking the contributions made to Heifer through the state and federal charitable giving campaigns we have been working on and supporting this fall. That should give us an idea of the impact of our efforts.

lll. Outreach to Donors

New Read to Feed materials and an Alternative Gift Giving mailer may be helpful in reaching some of our gift-giving donors. Jill is currently concentrating on congregations, focusing on the top 40 gift-giving congregations in the Sacramento area. She is working to discover ways to connect with church leaders and missions or youth group directors who are familiar with Heifer and would be interested in using these materials for fundraising events with their congregations. She will be tracking the past and present activities of local congregations and will ask us to do some further outreach in our community.

lV. Study Tours

Heifer headquarters recognizes the value of study tours, especially for their dedicated volunteers and big donors. More information will be coming out soon about countries with Heifer projects that volunteers may be able to visit. Possibilities are Honduras, Nepal and Ecuador. Haiti will probably not be on the list. There will be a 6 to 12 month lead-up time and volunteers will commit to share their experiences from the study tour and further promote at home Heifer’s work.

V. Other Items

Read to Feed website and Global Education Resource Kits (GERK) materials
The GERK materials are now available only on line, except for limited situations, and easily downloadable for use by anyone interested in them. Materials are downloadable and available on Heifer’s newly revamped Read To Feed website. Check it out.

Visitor to Next Meeting
Beth Erikson, Professor at CSU Sacramento in Recreation, Parks and Tourism will visit our meeting in October. She will explain her program so we can discuss some ways we might want to partner with her students for event planning.

Davis Farmers Market
We have the Heifer table in Davis fairly well staffed for September and October. In November, our volunteers will evaluate our impact there and decide whether to continue in the coming year. 

Golden Talent Award
Laurie Heller has been invited by Heifer HQ to be on the nomination committee for the Golden Talent Awards. She will give us updates on countries, groups or individuals being considered.

Soil Born Equinox Event
Susan Sundell reminded volunteers to support Soil Born Farms by attending their 10th Annual Fundraiser Autumn Equinox Celebration on September 22nd. Information and tickets are available on line at www.soilborn.org.

Proposition 37
Suellen Rowlison discussed and handed out information, flyers and buttons promoting a “yes” vote on Proposition 37. Proposition 37 would require the labeling of genetically engineered food. More information is available on the website: www.carighttoknow.org.

Vl. Jill Kilty-Newburn’s study tour to Kenya

Jill recently toured country programs in Kenya with a group from the AKA sorority. She described a hilly, lush land with horrific roads that took hours to travel even short distances. Her group visited a school where children nearly blind from some unknown cause were being educated before they lost their eyesight entirely. Especially interesting were examples of Heifer’s East Africa Dairy Development project. Jill explained that Heifer is working to empower dairy farmers to double their milk production and develop refrigeration cooperatives so that farmers can get more milk to market. This is being made possible with a $42.8 million grant from the Gates Foundation. Heifer, as lead NGO, is working with nearly 180,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, providing training and facilitating the connections. Project partners are able to move beyond the limitations of subsistence farming by connecting to larger markets and better opportunities. Our thanks go out to Jill for sharing her beautiful slides, latest information and personal experiences on this study tour.

Vll. Next meeting
Monday, October 1, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm.
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St. Mark’s United Methodist Church receives 20th Ark Plaque

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Monday, September 17, 2012 0 comments
On Sunday September 9, I had the pleasure of celebrating with the congregation of St. Mark’s UMC (Arden-Arcade) and presenting them with their 20th Ark Plaque. An Ark Plaque represents a donation totaling at least $5,000 and is symbolic of two of each kind of animal that Heifer gives to families around the world. While Heifer is blessed with groups of supporters that generously raise funds and receive the ‘Ark’ recognition, doing so 20 times is a rare and special occasion!

I was greeted by Fred and Cecelia Stallcop, and Jane Henderson when I arrived; both the Henderson and the Stallcop families have been instrumental in organizing for Heifer within the congregation.  It was good to hear about their history of involvement with Heifer, which goes all the way back to the 1950’s ad 60’s. We also saw the collection of the 19 Ark plaques prominently displayed in the Narthex, one even displaying a picture of Jane’s parents.
The message this Sunday was delivered by Pastor Alan Jones and titled the Journey Forward. It focused on kicking off a series of sermons and group meetings on bringing faith to life through action. From my experience at St. Mark’s and their history of sharing their love with those in need around the world, I am confident that the journey forward will include their work of transforming the world into a place of compassion, justice, and peace.
-Jill Kilty Newburn
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Heifer's Haiti Country Staff Reports Loss of Animals, Gardens

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For more than 12 years, Heifer has been committed to development work in this island nation that has seen more than its share of natural disasters.  Learn about Heifer's current Haiti REACH project here.

In the wake of Tropical Storm Isaac, Heifer International’s Haiti country team is reporting damage to several Heifer Haiti projects, including loss of animals, loss of and damage to gardens and homes, as well as damage to one breeding center.

Ewaldy Estil, northern field coordinator for Heifer Haiti, said the country team is reaching out to Heifer project community leaders by phone, and is able to report the following thus far:

•In the community of Gressier, where Heifer works with MOPLANDAH, 32 goats were killed (eight from the breeding center and 24 that belonged to project families). The roof of the breeding center was also damaged.

•In Petit Goave, where Heifer works with AIFO, one bull was killed and 86 small farms were destroyed. Irrigation canals were littered by debris.

•In Montrouis, where Heifer works with Tet Kole, the water irrigation system for the forage crops around the breeding center was damaged, and one goat from the breeding center was killed.

•In Ivwa, leaders reported that 50 houses were destroyed, and 10 homes built by Heifer had their roofs damaged or destroyed.

•In the region of Artibonite (Lester and Marchand Dessalines), where Heifer is working with RACPABA, crops were lost.

•On Lake Peligre in the center of the country, where Heifer is working with ACDELP on a cage-fishing project, fingerlings were killed by excessive sedimentation in the lake.

•Information is pending from Gros Morne.

Tropical Storm Isaac swept over the island Saturday (August 25, 2012), dumping torrential rains on the country and destroying several tent cities where survivors and refugees from the January 2010 earthquake were living. Heifer country staff continues to assess the situation and communicate with project leaders and participants, so more information will be shared as it becomes available.

About Heifer International:
Heifer’s mission is to end hunger and poverty while caring for the Earth. Since 1944, Heifer International has provided livestock and environmentally sound agricultural training to improve the lives of those who struggle daily for reliable sources of food and income. Heifer is currently working in 40 countries, including the United States, to help families and communities become more self-reliant. For more information, visit www.heifer.org or call (800) 696-1918.
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Heifer Int'l volunteer Laurie Heller explains Heifer's work to CSECC attendee Michael.
Heifer International Sacramento participated in the 2012 California State Employee Charitable Campaign (CSECC) Kickoff non-profit fair on the west steps of the State Capitol. Since 1979, California State government employees have been provided the opportunity to make donations to an approved list of charitable organizations through payroll deductions. At the 2012 CSECC kickoff event, our volunteers talked with many enthusiastic state employees who has volunteered to implement the charitable campaign for their agencies. Some agencies are already planning to schedule speakers to provide more information to their employees and build interest in the campaign.

Presentations and mini-fairs are a terrific way to introduce employees to the wide array of approved charitable organizations and inspire participation. Heifer Sacramento has a contingent of volunteers eager to speak about Heifer's work. Our presenters can work with the time constraints for each campaign event and include pertinent slides and/or videos, as needed.

If you would like to request a Heifer speaker for your agency's campaign event, please contact us via email. (Please include your name, agency, contact phone, date and time of the event, and presentation length desired.) If colleagues in offices outside of the Sacramento region would like to request a speaker to represent Heifer International, please send us an email and we will do our best to connect you with a volunteer in the area.

Heifer International is listed under the Global Impact Federation agency code 315 in the CSECC Donor Resource Guide.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by to learn about the work of Heifer International and shared your enthusiasm for the campaign!
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Notes from August 6 Volunteer Meeting

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Sunday, August 19, 2012 0 comments

l.  Upcoming Events

California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) kickoff event – August 22, 2012
Heifer will be represented at a booth on the west steps of the State Capitol from approximately 10am–2 pm by John Brewer, Laurie Heller, Pat Sayer-Handley, Teresa Fung, Cheryl McKinney, Judy Grimshaw, and Susan Sundell. Susan will bring the canopy. And estimated 2,000 state employees are expected to attend seeking information about charitable organizations. Cheryl McKinney created and added an insert to the Heifer brochure with contact information for materials and speaker requests from our local volunteer group. In addition, Teresa Fung sent an e-mail to the event chair for the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) of our local volunteer group and our availability for presentations.

Davis Farmers Market - June 18, 2012
Susan Rumberg and Judy Grimshaw will set up and staff the 7:30 am -10:15 am shift and JoAnn Peter and Susan Sundell will take the 10:15 am -1:00 pm shift, including clean-up. Volunteers are needed for the September 15th and October 20th shifts. You can sign up with Susan Rumberg or on Google Docs.  At one of the upcoming meetings, late in the year, we will assess whether we want to continue our booth at the market.
ll. Speaker Requests

Matsuyama Elementary on Woodbridge Drive is requesting a school assembly after their donation of a goat and chickens to Heifer. More information will come about the date and other details.

St. James Women’s Guild – More details are needed, but the date will probably be August or early September.

lll. Jill Kilty-Newburn to visit at September 10 meeting

Jill will be sharing, among other things, experiences on her recent study tour to Heifer projects in Kenya. She will also be answering any Heifer related questions or concerns volunteers might have. She may have more information about the transition of the Heifer’s  Ceres property to EcoVillage Farm group.

lV. Team Heifer

Plans are in the works for fund raising activities by Heifer volunteers, all in an attempt to reach our goal set for $10,000. We are hoping to post our progress on the Team Heifer website but will also keep a running account in the monthly minutes. For example, over $800 was donated to Heifer in honor of Amy Flindt at a going away party at JoAnn Peter’s house this summer. We are off to a good start!  Pat Sayer-Handley is considering a hiking activity in the spring and John Brewer has a “Fun Raising” event in mind. Judy Grimshaw will be inviting Dr. Elizabeth Erickson from CSUS to explain and identify how students in her “event planning” class might partner with us on fund raising events in the future.

V. Updates on Recent Events  

Alpha Kappa Alpha Convention, July 23 –26, the Moscone Center in San Francisco
John Brewer and Sue Bennett helped at the Heifer booth. John reported that it was a great event with thousands of women in attendance. AKA is partnering with Heifer International this year. A study tour to Ecuador was raffled off at the convention. The AKA convention is held every other year in various places around the country.

       Post-meeting note:  There is a Sacramento chapter of this group.  From their website: "The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Eta Gamma Omega Chapter, of the Sacramento area strive to improve the many communities in which they live.  The chapter has been established in the community since 1958 and that long-standing history has brought many changes by the organization, with the collaboration of others, for community improvement. Our vision is to deliver valuable services that strengthens our community and encourage positive social, educational and economic development."

United Methodist Conference, June 20 –23, Sacramento Convention Center
Volunteers worked the booth during the lunch break 11:30 –1:30 pm. Although we hoped for more activity at the booth, it is important we are there because of support of UCM to Heifer over the years.

Tour to Chaffin Farms
We are waiting for a response to our inquiry regarding a visit.

Vl. California Proposition 37

There was discussion regarding official support for this proposition, which would require many foods sold in California to be specially labeled if they were "made from plants or animals with genetic material changed in specified ways," according to the California's official ballot summary.

On Tue, Aug. 7, 2012 at 8:19 PM, Jill Kilty Newburn wrote:

Thanks for sharing on this one, Suellen. I have noticed lots of discussion amongst Slow Food and organic farming folks around this issue!

While Heifer does support the notion of open source seed populations, and the concept that small scale is part of our solution for ending hunger and poverty, I would be very surprised to see the organization step up and endorse a specific piece of political legislation, as it 'can' put a 501.c.3 tax exempt status in jeopardy.

VII.  Organizational Items

Teresa Fung will post articles or event photos contributed by volunteers about Heifer activities on our local blog. She has been posting the monthly notes from volunteer meetings and reposting press releases from headquarters. She will be posting an article from the Sacramento Bee about a 6 year old girl, Patricia Bigge, from St. Andrews United Methodist Church who was inspired to ask the congregation to help her raise money to donate a cow through Heifer International. Cheryl will be sending the church a thank you note and information about our local volunteer group.

National Heifer blogs

Posts can be read in chronological order – or in topic groups, such as “blog series: from the ceo” or “where we work: the Americas.” The blog is dynamic and shows the latest happenings and issues.

"A global blogging adventure to visit Heifer International projects in 12 countries in 12 months in 2012."  Great photography and interesting posts by Betty Londergan, who is currently visiting her seventh country: the USA.  She is covering the Seeds of Change projects in Appalachia and Arkansas.  Fascinating.

Volunteer Hours
Teresa Fung will work on revamping the accounting system for volunteer hours to make it easier to use and less time consuming. We will ask Jill for input at the next volunteer meeting.

VllI. Next meeting Monday, Sept. 10, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm.
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A Community Hero

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Thursday, August 09, 2012 0 comments
The Sacramento Bee's I Care column on August 6, 2012 featured a young community hero, Patricia Bigge, 6. Patricia is asking her community and congregation at the St. Andrew United Methodist Church to contribute to her effort to purchase a cow for the poor through Heifer International.

In case you missed this piece, you can read it here and see a picture of Patricia.
Thank you Patricia for your effort to help others in need!
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Kids Love Read to Feed

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Monday, July 30, 2012 0 comments
Are you a teacher or parent looking for a new way to make reading exciting for youngsters?

Heifer International, the global hunger and poverty  charity, has a fun and fulfilling way for teachers to enliven their class’s reading efforts this school year. Read to Feed is a powerful reading incentive program that also fosters in children a passion for helping others.

It’s a well-established fact that developing a child’s reading ability, especially in the early years, is critical to that child’s future success. Teachers must constantly find new ways to motivate children to press forward with their reading efforts. Read to Feed melds the exciting work of Heifer International worldwide with specific reading goals.

In Read to Feed, children (individually or as a group) get sponsors for each book they read during their challenge period. At the end of the program, the group pools its funds and decides which animals to donate through Heifer International, to help other families move from hunger to self-reliance.

Click here to read the full article.
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Heifer International has received an $8.5 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for project work on the East Africa Dairy Development (EADD) project. The grant will support existing projects in Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda and explore possibilities for expansion in Ethiopia and Tanzania between July 1, 2012, and June 30, 2013.

Click here for full article.
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Heifer International Awarded Kiwanis World Service Medal

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Tuesday, July 10, 2012 2 comments
Heifer has been recognized for our work to end hunger and poverty and protect the planet by the 600,000-member Kiwanis International family, with the presentation of Kiwanis’ highest honor – the 2012 World Service Medal.

The medal, presented to Heifer President and CEO Pierre Ferrari by Kiwanis International President Alan Penn at the Kiwanis annual convention in New Orleans, also came with a $10,000 grant to the organization.

Click here for full article.
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Notes from Monday June 4 Volunteer Meeting

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Sunday, July 01, 2012 0 comments

I. Upcoming Events

June 20-23: Table at the United Methodist Conference at the Sacramento Convention Center during lunch hour, 11:30-1:30.

Saturday August 18: Table at Davis Farmers Market; signups via Google doc or contact Susan Rumberg.

Wednesday August 22: Laurie Heller announced the date for the “Statewide Kick-Off” of the 2013 Statewide Charitable Giving campaign. This is a free event held on the west steps of the Capitol. Campaign representatives from various state agencies will be there to learn about organizations that merit contributions made directly from state employee paychecks. Laurie has made a contact with persons who schedules for this kickoff event. She will have more info at our August volunteer meeting.

II. Team Heifer – That’s us

John Brewer, Cheryl McKinney, Judy Grimshaw, and Pat Sayer-Handley met earlier in the month to discuss our group’s future direction vis-à-vis putting on events. At various times the group has talked about putting on events which would involve a lot more work in planning and execution. The group saw little benefit in increasing the size of events, when there is already a history of success with small events and especially those involving personal circles. In the end, the group decided that continuing with small events provide a good key to our future direction, at least for the next year. 

Some ‘personal circles’ events include family dinners, birthday parties, book club events, alternative gift fairs, film showings, cookie exchanges, backyard bbq-s, backyard dinners, holiday caroling, and the famous Haiti event.  A quick rough total showed that those events held over the past 18 months or so have raised approximately $9,000. This estimate does not include the revenue generated by the sale of products made by the Nifty Knitters. 

The group proposed using the tool of the “Team Heifer” section at heifer.org>Get Involved>Team Heifer.  This tool is an on-line tracker of funds raised by our group.  The group proposed to set a group goal of $10,000 for the next year, which all those present agree as entirely reasonable.

III. What works when tabling – Over the course of the past few months, those who have staffed tables have identified a number of lessons:

·         The button activity and questions eggs – These are very portable activities and effective conversation starters.  

·         The bee bracelet activities – Kids are eager to participate in this activity. At the same time the parents stay nearby to talk with us.

·         Brochures for Heifer basics and agroecology, Cornerstones bookmarks, local postcards, and back issues of the World Ark are relevant and popular with visitors. For situations where attendees are adverse to collecting paper, make Quick Response (QR) codes for the Heifer website or the Sac Heifer blog available.

·         The spinner – This is useful in circumstances where there are a lot of kids and there is easy access to move this heavy piece of equipment.

·         Circulate – Make sure to circulate among the exhibitors and pass out Heifer business cards. New contacts and subsequent event invitations have been generated from doing this.

IV. New posters for tabling

Cheryl McKinney with the able editing assistance of Laurie Heller, Teresa Fung, and Susan Sundell had some new posters made up. The first gives the Heifer mission statement. The second centers around the concept of agroecology, with definition and a few examples. The third introduces the Heifer USA Seeds of Change program. The posters fit on our existing large trifold tabletop stand.

V. New blog co-editor

Amy Flindt, our blog and electronic media guru is off to teach abroad. We will miss her at our meetings, but she will continue to work on our group blog as a co-blogger. Teresa Fung has volunteered to be the local co-blogger.

VI. Butte College Heifer activists

Suellen Rowlison brought Chico visitors who made the long trek to attend our Sacramento meeting. Suellen introduced Suzanne Morrison and Shar Sentell, both are students at Butte College and now Heifer activists. Go Butte College!

VII. Tour to Chaffin Family Orchards

Suellen Rowlison is working on a time to tour the Chaffin Family Orchards and will forward more information when potential dates have been identified.

VIII. Past events

Our tables at the following events experienced lots of traffic and they are worth repeating in the future:

·         Sat. May 19      “Walk on the Wild Side” U.S. Fish & Wildlife Eco Fair

·         Sun. May 20    “Day on the Farm” Soil Born Farms open house

·         Sat. June 9       “Urban Ag Fest” Slow Foods Sacramento fund raiser for school gardens. We were invited by Chef Brenda Ruiz.

Next meeting Monday, August 6, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm

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