Northern California Volunteers Meeting

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Over 25 volunteers from Northern California met as Hidden Villa on Oct. 22, 2011.  Eliza, Jill, and Pat from Heifer International had a full agenda planned! Nine of the Sacramento area volunteers attended the event and we all had a great time and learned a lot!

We started the morning with ice-breakers to get to know other volunteers in our region. Pat then shared with us the variety of ways that volunteer groups around the nation are working together to end hunger and poverty. We had time to review Heifer's Corner Stones, to look at our plans for the next year, and to brainstorm projects and activities for the coming year.
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October 3rd Volunteer Meeting Summary

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Guest Speaker: Don Rake
Don shared his power point presentation of the Heifer study tour he took in May 2011 to Zimbabwe. The group visited a Heifer sheep project where they witnessed a Passing on the Gift event.

They also saw a biogas project funded by Heifer to bring methane gas to the homes of villagers and a poverty reduction group just getting started in Zimbabwe.

The group was greeted with singing and dancing everywhere they a very emotional experience. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the country and visit the work that Heifer is supporting in that country.

Coming events:
Speaking event at the Bureau of Reclamation
12 Stones showing at Woodland Community College
Northern California Volunteers meeting on Oct. 22
Living gift market -Carmichael Presbyterian Church -Nov. 6
Speaking event at Murphys First Congregational Church -Nov. 20

Follow-up from September Planning Meeting:
Networking with colleges
Waldorf Internship
Booths at Farmer’s Markets
Book keeping of local Heifer activity

Future Events:
March 24, 2012 - Our volunteer group will be gearing up to participate in a nation-wide event to thank contributors and build stronger ties with our local supporters.

Next Meeting- November 7, 2011- Campus Commons Board Room at 6:00 pm.

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September 12 Volunteer Meeting

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I. Upcoming Events and Training Opportunities 
See the calendar for upcoming events such as Heifer 201 and fall festivals!

Reviewing Past Events:
The 2010-2011 year was busy as we kept up with our favorite events and added new events. Some of the highlights of the last year included Earth Day events, Hoes Down events, Alternative Gifts Fairs, and Passing on the Gift activities. We also kept busy with special "12 Stones" events, the Federation of Womens' clubs partnership, Girl Scout Thinking Day, and various presentations and fundraisers for Heifer.

III. Brainstorming possible activities for the upcoming year produced this list:
Here are a list of activities we have planned for the 2011-2012 year:
  • Networking with colleges
  • Booths at farmers' markets
  • Partnerships with entities supporting local food systems
  • Sacramento Area Reading Association Mini-Conference
  • "Passing on the Gift" Events
  • Heifer Library Summer Reading Program
  • Reach out to Soroptimist clubs
  • Hoes Down
  • Support One Farm at a Time
  • Creating internships for high school students

    If you are interested in helping with any of these events email and we will put you in touch with the committee members working on these activities.

IV. Next Meeting

Monday, October 3, 6 pm, Campus Commons Board Room
Come hear about one volunteer's Heifer Study Tour to Zimbabwe!

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New Heifer Volunteers Kick Off!

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Sac Heifer Volunteers: Monday, August 1, 6 pm -- Supper and New Volunteer Event

We're excited about this next meeting!

We'll get together for a social time in JoAnn's summery back yard
with a special focus on new volunteers. It's a chance
  • to meet and greet other volunteers
  • to learn more about Heifer via a few of our Heifer educational games,
    (The Game of
    Questions! The Animal Guess! The Global Food Table!)
  • and to find out about opportunities to participate locally.
If you have been thinking about getting involved, are curious to investigate, or know someone
who is interested, this is a great meeting to come to and to invite a friend too!

Monday, August 1, 6 pm
Supper provided by the organizers
at JoAnn Peter's home in Elk Grove
RSVP for address and directions
RSVP to "JoAnn Peter" <>
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One Farm at a Time & Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op

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Paul Cultrera, the manager of the Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, was the guest speaker at our June 20th Heifer Sacramento volunteer meeting. Paul introduced himself and his involvement in One Farm at a Time. One Farm at a Time was started by Jeff and Annie Main who are the owners of Good Humus Farm in the Capay Valley.

The Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op depends on local farmers, such as Jeff and Annie, to stock their store with local, organic foods. As Jeff and Annie look towards retiring, they are trying to ensure that their farm remains a farm and is not developed. This is a challenge because the land itself is worth a lot more money to developers than to farmers. One Farm at a Time is an organization that is raising money to "sell off" the real estate value of the land to ensure that it is kept a farmland when they retire and sell the farm. Once enough money has been raised for Humus Farm, One Farm at a Time will help other Farms in the area.

As Heifer volunteers, we are interested in learning more about our local food systems and how we can support a sustainable food system in our area. For more information visit

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GFWC California State Conference in San Jose

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Judy and Pat presented at the GFWC California state conference in San Jose on Saturday May 14th. Approximately 40 representatives attended the hour long heifer workshop. The GFWC members explored world hunger through the "What's for dinner?" activity. After this activity the participants learned how Heifer International is working to overcome world hunger and poverty. Heifer brochures and educational materials were disributed and participants brainstormed fundraising ideas they could use with their clubs. The workshop was enthusisstically received by all in attendance.

Amy handed out materials and answered questions at a Heifer information table throughout the day. More than 200 woman were at the conference and many of them stopped by the table to share Heifer stories, learn about Heifer's mission, and collect materials and ideas to share with their club members back home.

Overall it was a successful day and we are looking forward to working with the GFWC in the coming months.
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Sacramento City College Earth Day

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Heifer International volunteers Pat and Suzanne spent a fun filled afternoon talking with college students at Sac City College as part of their Earth Day celebrations on April 26, 2011.

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Domingo Barrios, CEO/President of Heifer International Foundation recently visited Sacramento and invited area Heifer volunteers to meet with him. In his position since July 2010, Mr. Barrios came to Heifer with extensive experience in the non-profit sector.

The mission of Heifer International Foundation (HIF) is to work with donors to support Heifer International through legacy gifts. HIF currently manages an endowment valued at $70 million and supports Heifer International at the rate of 5 1/2 percent annually. Mr. Barrios reported that he would like to see the endowment grow to $250 million by the year 2014. As part of this plan, he envisions each of the individual country program endowments managed by the Foundation growing to $1 million.

Mr. Barrios expressed his desire to have a blended marketing approach between Heifer International and the Foundation. He favors named "endowment campaigns" and more visibility for the Foundation through broadening the Dan West Award program to make it a means of funding a Dan West Education Endowment.

"Volunteers are the key to our work in the U.S.," Mr. Barrios told the local group. Since 85 % of Heifer revenue comes from the Gift Catalogue, there is a real opportunity to make direct contact with donors on behalf of the Foundation through an expanded use of regional volunteers.

Our enthusiastic group of volunteers suggested to Mr. Barrios their willingness to enhance the visibility of Heifer Foundation at promotional events. Hopefully, we will be able to do this through continuing our education about HIF and having access to appropriate tools to share with the interested public.

Suzanne Awalt
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Heifer USA is developing a new focus on supporting and strengthening local food systems. In order to learn more about our local food systems in the Sacramento area, we will have guest speaker at our Jan 24 volunteer meeting.

Paul Cultrera of the Sacramento Food Co-op will be sharing info on the "One Farm at a Time" program (info at and also on the movement known as "Slow Money," based on the book of the same name by Woody Tasch (info at Both of these subject concern supporting local food systems and the local farmers they depend on.
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Alternative Gift Fair at the Spiritual Life Center

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The Alternative Gift Fair at Spiritual Life Center was a huge success! The 5 booths provided choices for participants between Heifer International, Healing Journeys, Placer Nature Center, Golden State Donor Services and Solar Cookers International. The "What's for Dinner" Heifer activity was a real eye-opener that helped participants understand the extent of poverty in our world. A big thanks to Pat Sayer-Handley, Connie Fierro, Judy Grimshaw and Carole Mercer for making the event a success!
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12 Stones Showing at the International House

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The 12 Stones showing was held at the International House on a rainy night in Davis, CA. The event started with an outstanding Napalese Dance performed by the daughter of the owner of a local Napalese restaurant (Namaste). After the dance, Isaak Egge introduced the film by discussing the work of Heifer International. The 12 Stones DVD was shown and enjoyed by all. After the film, a fantastic discussion occured about the role of the Napalese women and their ability to pass on the gifts they are given. The discussion included all participants including a group of college women that were excited to hear about Heifer's work with empowering women around the world. A big thanks to the volunteers who made this night possible including Pat, Isaak, Amy, Judy, Susan, JoAnn and Liz!
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