Sacramento Heifer Volunteers Hopping with Charitable Campaign Events

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Sacramento Heifer Volunteers have been busy reaching out and sharing Heifer’s story with Sacramento County, California State, and federal employees at employee charitable campaign events around the Sacramento region. Each year public employees can choose to make donations to an approved list of charitable organizations through payroll deduction. The annual campaign events offer a chance for employees to learn about organizations that align with their values and for charitable organizations reach out to a new audience.

Since late August, the Sacramento Heifer Volunteers have tabled or presented at the following events:
·         California State Employee Charitable Campaign Kickoff
·         Sacramento County Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs Employee Charitable Campaign
·         Sacramento Municipal Utilities District Non-profit Agency Fair
·         California Department of Public Health Employee Charitable Campaign
·         U.S. Postal Service Combined Federal Campaign Kickoff
·         California Health & Human Services Agency Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California State Office of Systems Integration Employee Charitable Campaign
Anjoli Armstrong at the SMUD Agency Fair
Marianne Ternes with Volunteers Pat Sayer-Handley and Judy Grimshaw at the CA Dept. of Public Health
Will Lighthorn with Volunteer Cheryl McKinney at the CA Dept. of Health & Human Services
We’re grateful for the invitations we’ve received thus far to campaign events and excited to share Heifer’s story to so many.

There’s more to this campaign season. Below are upcoming events where we will be doing outreach during the first two weeks of October.
·         U.S. Department of Agriculture Statistical Service Combined Federal Campaign
·         U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Combined Federal Campaign
·         California Department of Managed Health Care Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of General Services Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Food & Agriculture Employee Charitable Campaign
·         California Department of Child Support Services Employee Charitable Campaign
Please consider inviting Heifer Sacramento Volunteers to your office or department charitable campaign event. Send us an email and we’ll coordinate with you on the details.

We also conduct outreach year round. So we would be happy to staff a table or present to school groups, congregations, and interested groups of any size.
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September 10 Volunteer Meeting Notes

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Monday, September 24, 2012 0 comments
l.  Upcoming Events

California State Employees Charitable Campaign (CSECC) and Federal Combined Campaign (CFC)

To volunteer for charitable campaign events or check for new requests, go to Heifer’s Google docs. As of September most dates were staffed but because new opportunities keep coming in, please continue  checking for new posts.

Jill Kilty-Newburn suggested that we keep it simple by providing brochures with contact information, World Arks and one or two annual reports for reference material.  We were also asked to make available brochures and other items from Jim Hill, local representative for Global Impact. Global Impact is the charitable federation umbrella group for international health and welfare agencies participating in employee fund-raising campaigns; Heifer is among its non-profits.

A photo and a short write up about your event can be e-mailed to Teresa Fung for posting on our blog.

Susan Sundell will be out of town from October 5th -14th. If you need materials contact her before then. As a back up, Judy Grimshaw will have a key to the materials garage. Call on her if you need something, while Susan is gone.
ll. Team Heifer section of

Jill reported that the Team Heifer site is being revamped and she will have more information in the near future. Since that site is not yet functioning, it was suggested that we keep track of our progress toward meeting our goal of raising $10,000 this year on our own Heifer blog.

Jill will be tracking the contributions made to Heifer through the state and federal charitable giving campaigns we have been working on and supporting this fall. That should give us an idea of the impact of our efforts.

lll. Outreach to Donors

New Read to Feed materials and an Alternative Gift Giving mailer may be helpful in reaching some of our gift-giving donors. Jill is currently concentrating on congregations, focusing on the top 40 gift-giving congregations in the Sacramento area. She is working to discover ways to connect with church leaders and missions or youth group directors who are familiar with Heifer and would be interested in using these materials for fundraising events with their congregations. She will be tracking the past and present activities of local congregations and will ask us to do some further outreach in our community.

lV. Study Tours

Heifer headquarters recognizes the value of study tours, especially for their dedicated volunteers and big donors. More information will be coming out soon about countries with Heifer projects that volunteers may be able to visit. Possibilities are Honduras, Nepal and Ecuador. Haiti will probably not be on the list. There will be a 6 to 12 month lead-up time and volunteers will commit to share their experiences from the study tour and further promote at home Heifer’s work.

V. Other Items

Read to Feed website and Global Education Resource Kits (GERK) materials
The GERK materials are now available only on line, except for limited situations, and easily downloadable for use by anyone interested in them. Materials are downloadable and available on Heifer’s newly revamped Read To Feed website. Check it out.

Visitor to Next Meeting
Beth Erikson, Professor at CSU Sacramento in Recreation, Parks and Tourism will visit our meeting in October. She will explain her program so we can discuss some ways we might want to partner with her students for event planning.

Davis Farmers Market
We have the Heifer table in Davis fairly well staffed for September and October. In November, our volunteers will evaluate our impact there and decide whether to continue in the coming year. 

Golden Talent Award
Laurie Heller has been invited by Heifer HQ to be on the nomination committee for the Golden Talent Awards. She will give us updates on countries, groups or individuals being considered.

Soil Born Equinox Event
Susan Sundell reminded volunteers to support Soil Born Farms by attending their 10th Annual Fundraiser Autumn Equinox Celebration on September 22nd. Information and tickets are available on line at

Proposition 37
Suellen Rowlison discussed and handed out information, flyers and buttons promoting a “yes” vote on Proposition 37. Proposition 37 would require the labeling of genetically engineered food. More information is available on the website:

Vl. Jill Kilty-Newburn’s study tour to Kenya

Jill recently toured country programs in Kenya with a group from the AKA sorority. She described a hilly, lush land with horrific roads that took hours to travel even short distances. Her group visited a school where children nearly blind from some unknown cause were being educated before they lost their eyesight entirely. Especially interesting were examples of Heifer’s East Africa Dairy Development project. Jill explained that Heifer is working to empower dairy farmers to double their milk production and develop refrigeration cooperatives so that farmers can get more milk to market. This is being made possible with a $42.8 million grant from the Gates Foundation. Heifer, as lead NGO, is working with nearly 180,000 farmers in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, providing training and facilitating the connections. Project partners are able to move beyond the limitations of subsistence farming by connecting to larger markets and better opportunities. Our thanks go out to Jill for sharing her beautiful slides, latest information and personal experiences on this study tour.

Vll. Next meeting
Monday, October 1, 2012, Campus Commons Board Room 6:00 pm.
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St. Mark’s United Methodist Church receives 20th Ark Plaque

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On Sunday September 9, I had the pleasure of celebrating with the congregation of St. Mark’s UMC (Arden-Arcade) and presenting them with their 20th Ark Plaque. An Ark Plaque represents a donation totaling at least $5,000 and is symbolic of two of each kind of animal that Heifer gives to families around the world. While Heifer is blessed with groups of supporters that generously raise funds and receive the ‘Ark’ recognition, doing so 20 times is a rare and special occasion!

I was greeted by Fred and Cecelia Stallcop, and Jane Henderson when I arrived; both the Henderson and the Stallcop families have been instrumental in organizing for Heifer within the congregation.  It was good to hear about their history of involvement with Heifer, which goes all the way back to the 1950’s ad 60’s. We also saw the collection of the 19 Ark plaques prominently displayed in the Narthex, one even displaying a picture of Jane’s parents.
The message this Sunday was delivered by Pastor Alan Jones and titled the Journey Forward. It focused on kicking off a series of sermons and group meetings on bringing faith to life through action. From my experience at St. Mark’s and their history of sharing their love with those in need around the world, I am confident that the journey forward will include their work of transforming the world into a place of compassion, justice, and peace.
-Jill Kilty Newburn
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