Gate Coop Dreams - Online Campaign!

Posted by Teresa On Wednesday, June 08, 2016 0 comments
Friends of Heifer-

Bill Gates invited Heifer to be part of Coop Dreams and together we are launching an online campaign to show the “unique and low-cost ways that chickens help foster development.” The goal of the campaign is to provide 100,000 chickens to help end poverty around the world.  

The live exhibit launched today, June 8, focuses on this “small but meaningful” livestock’s role in ending extreme poverty. Heifer is seen by Gates as a livestock and chicken expert, and will be playing a complementary role in the exhibit.

Gates is asking people to 1) read a blog, 2) watch a video, and 3) complete a one-question quiz that will earn them enough points to “donate” a flock of chickens through Heifer.  By completing these 3 steps, the Bill Gates will donate a flock of chicks to a family in need through Heifer International. 

Take a moment and complete these 3 simple steps to help Bill Gate donate 100,000 chickens to families in need!!! This is super simple!!

Watch a video of Bill Gates talking about Coop Dreams at the Forbes Philanthropy Summit in New York City on June 8.

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Nepal and Ecuador: Earthquake Updates

Posted by Teresa On Friday, June 03, 2016 0 comments

Since the April 25, 2015 earthquake in Nepal, Heifer Nepal has been helping more than 31,000 families recover and rebuild. Help was provided in many forms. Self-help groups and cooperatives that make up Heifer Nepal help distribute interest free loans to rebuild homes and animal shelters, replace lost livestock, feed, seeds, and tools.

Watch a video report of their progress.

Thank you again to all the talented storytellers and generous audience for coming together to raise funds to support Heifer Nepal’s recovery. Your donations helped Heifer distribute $2.5 million in loans to communities that experienced the most significant damage. This revolving fund takes loan repayments and keeps it in the community. 

Here's an infographic of some Nepal earthquake statistics.


Ecuador experienced 2 large earthquakes (6.7 and 6.8) on April 16, 2016. The epicenter of the quakes was located 16 miles from Muisne, in the province of Esmeraldas, where Heifer Ecuador is working to restore the endangered mangroves and help fishing families tap new sources of income as their catches dwindle. Fortunately, no lives were lost, but the village of Santa Rosa was razed and the entire population of Musine had to be evacuated.
Heifer has been working with other relief organizations to address and support the immediate survival needs of the population. Once those needs are met, Heifer Ecuador will help affected project families rebuild their homes and economies.

Help also came from inside the country. Participants in the Andes who were unaffected by the earthquake and concerned about those who were. Although some of the families still struggle on a low income, they were inspired to donate what relief items they could, including food staples, toothpaste and toilet paper. 

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Thank You and News to Start the New Year

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Thursday, January 14, 2016 0 comments
We, the Heifer Sacramento Volunteers, want to express our deep gratitude to the Sacramento community for your support throughout 2015 of our efforts to spread the word and fund raise in support Heifer’s work. We couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!!!

Here’s a wonderful THANK YOU video produced by Heifer International. 

Here are a few new items to start the New Year:

Heifer International's 2015 Annual Report is out. Download it here

Curious about what countries is Heifer working in? There's a new page on the Heifer International website to learn more about the countries where they work and project description sheets. 

Did you know you can get Heifer's World Ark Magazine digitally? Now you can read about Heifer and their work around the work on your favorite device. Download it free from this page. 

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Give to Heifer on Giving Tuesday!!

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Saturday, November 28, 2015 0 comments
Giving Tuesday, December 1, is just around the corner. When you’re rounding up sales for everyone on your shopping list, please make one more purchase that means the world to a family far away.

Our lives are busy, especially this time of year. Can't find the perfect gift for friends and family that has everything? Looking for a meaning and inspirational gift? Don't think you can make a difference with 5 minutes? YES, you can do it all!  

Get them a gift of Heifer!! Heifer International has been working to change lives, reduce poverty and hunger, and build community for over 70 years. Check our approach to this work. It's much more than handing over livestock and wishing them well. Heifer staff work with small farmers, letting them decide the kind of project they want, work with them before, during and after receiving livestock to make sure they have every chance of success. This approach not only reduce poverty and hunger, but more importantly builds communities and connections that leads to sustainable success. 

Want to know more? How can a cow help people out of poverty? Well, we have just the video for you! 

Thank you for donating to Heifer International on Giving Tuesday!!

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Scarecrows for Heifer!

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1 comments
Heifer Sacramento volunteer John Brewer presented a framed certificate of appreciation to Ms. Julie Bair and her fifth grade class at Seven Hills Middle School in Nevada City, California this November. Ms. Bair’s guided her fifth grade students in a service learning project, Scarecrows for Heifer. The project sparked creativity among her students and engaged their families and the community to raise funds to benefit resource poor farmers served by Heifer International.

Ms. Bair has worked with students in the Nevada City schools on scarecrow projects over many years to raise funds to support Heifer International’s mission of helping families. Hats off to Ms. Bair from Heifer International for her dedication to both Heifer and developing the next generation of donors!

This year, Ms. Bair's fifth grade students each gathered materials and designed handcrafted scarecrows, which were then sold at Prospector’s Nursery in Nevada City for $40 each. This year’s Scarecrows for Heifers received generous donations from B&C True Value (lumber), Pearson’s Feed (hay), and Ridge Feed and Supply (burlap sacks) in Grass Valley. All of the proceeds went to the class project and the students decided how to use the proceeds to purchase livestock that would be donated.
Ms. Bair's students and their creations for Scarecrows for Heifer. 
John enjoyed interacting with the students, hearing about what they had learned about Heifer, and offering them a bit more information on Heifer's mission. He told them more about Heifer’s Cornerstones and answering their very thoughtful questions. John plans to return to Ms. Bair’s class early next fall during the early phase of their next scarecrow project and prepare an article on their efforts for Heifer International’s The Ark magazine.

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