HeiferTails Line Up Update

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Tuesday, August 11, 2015 0 comments
Come to our HeiferTails storytelling event and hear some of the most talented story tellers in our area capture imaginations of young and old with folk tales from around the world.

Here's our line up of story tellers and their tales:

Mary McGrath telling ‘The Palace Monkey’, a story from India
Ray Tatar telling ‘Anansi Brings Stories to the World’, a story from Africa
Diana Zuniga telling ‘The Aztec Legend of the Birds’, a story from Mexico
Nancy Griffith telling ‘The Camel’, a story from Lebanon

Live, fun musical interludes will take place in-between stories.

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Sacramento HeiferTails Fundraiser Event – Get Your Tickets!!

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Saturday, August 01, 2015 0 comments
HeiferTails: Uplifting Stories from Around the World
Join the Heifer Sacramento Volunteers, talented local storytellers, and musicians for an afternoon of storytelling for kids, teens, parents, and grandparents.

Sunday, September 20, 2015  3:00 - 4:30 pm
Westminster Presbyterian Church, 1300 N Street, Sacramento (free parking in rear lot)

Ticket prices: $10 for adults, $5 for children, and $20 maximum for families
Purchase tickets at HeiferTails Eventbrite page.

Proceeds from HeiferTails will go to assist Heifer International communities in Nepal affected by the 7-plus magnitude earthquakes on April 25 and May 12, 2015. Other generous donors have offered to match new donations for up to $10,000! Every dollar you give will be doubled!

Can't attend the event? You can still be part of this effort. 
Make a direct donation to Heifer Nepal’s Disaster Rehabilitation Fund  

This Fund helps our partner communities assist families with the immediate needs of people and livestock, long term recovery, and rebuilding livelihoods. This Fund goes far beyond basic relief.  It establishes a revolving fund that Heifer communities in Nepal can draw on to rebuild and continue their remarkable work.

Want to learn more about what is happening with Heifer Nepal?
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Help Heifer Project Families in Nepal

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Saturday, May 02, 2015 0 comments
As a result of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake last week, Heifer project families in Nepal have suffered significant loss of property, including their homes and livestock that donor generosity has provided them. The full extent of damage is still being tabulated — roads are clogged with debris and power and communication lines are still down.

Several days ago, Heifer staff in Nepal were able to reach some of the affected areas. At least 6,300 project participant homes across 12 districts had collapsed while another 1,900 families have sustained major damage. Heifer families also lost at least 1,500 animals. These numbers are expected rise.

For the most recent information regarding our Nepal projects, please visit the Heifer online blog here, which includes a map of the earthquake affected regions. It will be updated as more information is received from Heifer staff in Nepal.

Heifer International has identified an urgent funding opportunity to reach project families to meet their immediate needs, like food, tarps, mats and other shelter supplies.

Donate to the Nepal Disaster Rehabilitation Fund now.

Your response right now will determine how quickly our Heifer families in Nepal will be able to recover from this devastating earthquake.

Thank you for your support during this time of need. Please keep our Nepali project families in your thoughts.

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Sacramento/Chico/Redding Regions Earth Day events

Posted by Heifer Sacramento On Thursday, April 09, 2015 0 comments
Looking for 2015 Earth Day celebrations in Sacramento/Chico/Redding areas? Here are some of Earth Day events that Heifer volunteers will be participating in.

Come by our table and say hello!!

April 19 Sacramento Earth Day (Southside Park, Sacramento)

April 21-22 Butte College Earth Day Celebration

May 2 Endangered Species Faire (Chico)

May 16 Walk on the Wildside (Beachlake Preserve)

May 17 Day on the Farm (Soil Born Farms)

Name That Goat - Help Heifer name some newborn baby goats at the Heifer farm!

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Making it Happen on International Women’s Day

Posted by Teresa On Sunday, March 08, 2015 0 comments
March 8 is International Women’s Day. Heifer International celebrates women the world over who work to feed their families, become small business owners, and educate their children among many other tasks they perform for their families.

They grow 60-80 percent of the food in developing countries yet own less than 1 percent of the Earth's land. Despite making up half the world's population, women have been marginalized in most societies throughout human history. Heifer International invests in women small holder farmers to relieve malnutrition and help create business owners that generate a sustainable income for their families.

Read more about this: 

Women also spent much time collecting fuel to cook for their families. This effort to chop, collect and carry biomass for miles can take hours, cutting into the time they need for other chores like fetching water, caring for children, working the fields and herding animals. Cooking with open fires is also a huge health risk. Smoke inhalation contributes to millions of deaths every year. World Ark contributor, Erik Hoffner interviews author Gautam Yadama on his book Fires, Fuel & the Fate of 3 Billion: The State of the Energy Impoverished, a new book that takes a close look at this global problem.

Learn more about how you can help Heifer International's work in empowering women farmers to help feed the world.

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